Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Out Of The Box Aromatherapy

For most of us who undergo aromatherapy treatment, we often resort to aromatherapy massages and therapeutic baths. To us, it is the best way to relax and re-energize. However, there are some aromatherapy techniques that can be considered out of the box ideas. Although, most of the methods you'll be reading below are considered ordinary tricks of the trade, to common folds who know better, these methods can be considered as truly out of the box ideas.

In massage aromatherapy, the essential oils are being applied on the skin. The components of the oil go through the skin and are absorbed into the body. Supposedly the natural compounds will give the body that rejuvenated feel. The same goes with therapeutic baths. The body absorbs the essential oils aroma through a prepared bath where the oils are added. You only need a few drop or so of pure essential oil to get that relaxing bath.

Can you believe that essential oils can also be used as insect repellants? There are oils, such as lavender, peppermint and citronella which are great to get rid of those pesky insects. But, when using pure essential oils it is not advisable to apply them directly on the skin. By doing so, skin irritations are quite possible. So instead, you can use essential oils to repel insects by placing wet tissue ball, cotton balls, or a piece of cloth wet with essential oils.

Other usage includes using essential oils in making a compress for medical purposes and as a kind of hair treatment. It does seem to be getting weirder by the minute. But using essential oils and aromatherapy techniques in making a compress does help relieve muscular and rheumatic pains as well as swelling.

Dry and greasy hair can be helped by using aromatherapy's essential oils. You need to dilute the essential oil in base oil first before applying them to your hair. Some of the more common oils for treating the hair include rosemary and chamomile, bergamot, lavender and tea leaves.

Some even use essential oils diluted in proper proportions as a natural mouth wash which targets oral infections and problems like infected gums and even mouth ulcers. However, you should remember that essential oils are not supposed to be swallowed. So be careful.

Furthermore, by employing the same technique as that in aromatherapy massage which is basically mixing the essential oils with base oils, the mixture can be used as a lotion or even face cream. The key, of course, is choosing which essential oil to be used.

It is certain that other out of the box aromatherapy techniques are out there. As we continue to use aromatherapy in our daily lives, the number of uses will increase and the uniqueness of each usage as well.

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